With the Stix Switch 2-Pack, your lighting options are endless. How? The Stix Switch features the ability to switch between red and white modes with a simple, long press of the power button. So, if you need extra light up front, more visibility at the rear, or a traditional front/rear combo, the Stix Switch 2-Pack delivers.
• Headlight or taillight—you decide. A 2-pack gives you even more options.
• Press-and-hold for two seconds to shift between white and red modes.
• Fresnel lens for maximum visibility in all directions.
• Flexible mounting system works with handlebar and seatposts from 22.2mm up to 35mm in diameter, as well as most seatstays. (Aero strap mount available separately).
• 340mAh battery recharges via built-in USB tab in two hours (no extra cables needed).
• White Steady mode: 65 lumens for 2:00 hours
• White Power Flash mode: 100 lumens for 6:00 hours
• White Eco Flash mode: 35 lumens for 16:00 hours
• Red Steady mode: 18 lumens for 2:00 hours
• Red Surge Glow mode: 16 lumens for 7:00 hours
• Red Power Flash mode: 30 lumens for 9:00 hours
• Red Disco Flash mode: 15 lumens for 10:00 hours
• Red Eco Flash mode: 8 lumens for 20:00 hours
• Red/Green battery charge level indicator.
• Additional mounting options available separately.
Kat.br. 49120-4020

Težina ,084 kg





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